Today marks 2 years...

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Yep you heard that right.
Today marks 2 years of a Boeing 747 landing on Rwy 17, which is 6,500ft mostly used by RJs & PJs. There was a storm approaching the area, affecting the 9/27 Parallel runways, and this Kalitta 747 was on a hold. Tower asked if they can manage to use Rwy 17 to land. 17 runs along over the neighborhoods and I-95. So the pilots accepted 17, and I was stunned to see it flying over my neighborhood. Honestly this might have been the first time I seen a 747 using this runway. They did land, but had to wait for their brakes to cool before proceeding to the UPS terminal. Boi I wonder if other saw and was shocked. So far the biggest I've seen so far to land on this runway.

I've been living along this direction for almost several years, and sometimes PHL ends up using 17 for landing if a storm is approaching from the east/south, ofc while the 9/27 parallels are still active.
That 747 must’ve been light if it was able to stop in 6500ft of runway. I thought it would take more than that to stop a Jumbo.