The last 2 DC-10's at IND


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Sadly, FedEx has retired all 7 of the remaining DC-10-30Fs immediately after the 2022 peak season. 5 of them are currently at Memphis (N306FE, N307FE, N311FE, N316FE and N321FE). There are currently 2 at IND N313FE and N319FE. the last revenue flight for N313FE was flight 151 YYZ-IND on 12/29/2022 arrived at 11:46pm and N319FE's last revenue flight was Flt 1601 DFW-IND on 12/30/2022 arrived at 01:09am. They will soon be making their way to VCV (Victorville, CA) to be placed in storage and most likely will be scrapped.. N319FE is scheduled to leave IND on January 6th departure at 12 noon local time. N313FE is scheduled to leave IND on January 10th also for departure at 12 noon local time. I do have some photos here to share (all photo credits to my good friend John Giambone)
First we have a shot of N313FE and N319FE sitting together at the far west end of the IND hub ramp:
N313FE & N319FE.jpg

2 shots of N313FE including a close up of the tail:
N313FE 1.jpg
N313FE 2.jpg
4 shots of N319FE, including close up of the tail and also the nose:
N319FE 1.jpg
N319FE 3.jpg
N319FE 2.jpg
N319FE 4.jpgThis is very sad for me, and I will miss seeing the beautiful DC-10s here every day. Not sure when the other 5 are leaving MEM, but I would assume that they'll all be sitting at VCV by the end of next week awaiting their fate.
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Saw these when I came in to KIND the other day, sad they are getting retired but they are getting up there in age.
Yes, they are getting up there in years. N313FE was built new for Federal Express, delivered 5/28/1988, and also the youngest of the 7 remaining.
It needs to really is a special frame....1st new-built DC-10 for FedEx, and all that it went through during the Auburn Calloway hijacking incident.
I am sad to see these go. I never got to see one in person, but I have seen their younger twin, the MD-11, many times at YSSY and even once at YMML after a diversion. The DC-10 has had a significant effect on people throughout their extended lives and will be missed by many. May she fly on forever.
As I mentioned earlier, N319FE made it's final journey to VCV, going to storage.. Flight 9030 left IND at 12:18. My good friend John Giambone was able to get some shots of it as it made it's final departure from runway 23L at IND:
N319FE 1.jpg
N319FE 2.jpgN319FE 3.jpg
N319FE 4.jpg
N319FE 5.jpg
There's still one more MD-10-30F at IND, it's scheduled to leave IND on Tuesday, January 10th at 12:00 noon local.
How many active DC-10’s are left, now that Fedex has retired their fleet?

TAB has one, Orbis has one and I am not sure if Omega Tankers still has some active? USAF?
this is truly sad
although i saw it once in the night in DEC
and it was very nice and meamorable
i really wanted to spot her in the day which was only possible in the summer and because im an oaf and im like "oh the dc 10 comes every day i will spot it eventually" this never happened
my addvice if you can, then go for it and never wait for tommorow ya never know when these planes go...
i should not complain though i did see her once...

yes someone should try to raise money to save that bird, keep it airworthy because why not and put it in a sefe resting place

well im off to dinner
good night all

verry sad day...
I wish TAB Cargo from Bolivia could step up and purchase N313FE.
They already have an MD-10 ex-FedEx, but she's an only child for the moment.
Very sad to see those classics being retired.