New Terminal!!! Great Detail! Which Layout Do You Guys Like?


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This is 1/3 parts of this terminal that I have received! It is actually an N Scale Train Station (KATO Viaduct Station Shops), but quite a few collectors have found that it makes a great terminal! It retails for around $38 and has AMAZING detail! I like the detail of the actual seats and shops inside the windows! I am deciding which layout I like better, here's my two run, which do you guys like? Here's one of the individual terminals: (The two options are below)
1670791814003.pngWhich setup below is better?
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I think what I might do, is have the multilevel/stacked piece in the middle, then have flat ones on either side. So it will be a taller center part of the terminal.
Thanks, I feel the multilevel part adds some further dimension to the terminal, but I like the flat layout as well, so I think it will look good like that