My U.S. carriers wish list for the 1/400


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Came with a list of U.S. airlines I love to see done on the 1/400 scale models

GJ Continental MD-80 90s livery
AC/GJ Continental B733 90s livery
GJ Business Express Airlines Saab 340
GJ USAir Express Dash 8-102 90s
GJ USAir Express Saab 340 90s
GJ Midway Airlines Fokker 100 90s livery
AC/GJ Midway Airlines Airbus A320 90s
AC America West Airbus A320 80s/90s
GJ Midwest Express MD-80 80s/90s livery
GJ United Express Dash 8-100 Saul bass and battleship liveries
There's a few I could add:
GJ US Airways Fokker 100 in dark blue livery.
GJ Continental 737-500 with winglets in last livery
GJ United 737-500 in Saul Bass and battleship gray liveries.
GJ 737-400 in US Airways dark blue livery
AC America West A320 in first livery.
AC DC-9-30 in Republic "Mary Tyler Moore" livery.
AC DC-9-51 in Republic "Herman" livery
GJ MD-80 in Delta "Ron Allen" and "Colors in Motion" liveries.
GJ-MD-80 in Northwest "Thermometer" and "Bowling shoe" liveries.
GJ MD-80 in Republic "Herman" and "Mary Tyler Moore" liveries.
For the fun of it, I'd have a list too, but only two on available moulds:

NG Northwest A320 (bowling shoe)
NG United 777-222 (saul bass)
? Delta 727-232 (widget)
? Delta MD-88 (widget)
? Ozark DC-9-15 (as delivered)
? National 727-100 (as delivered)
? Northwest 747-151 (as delivered)
? United 747-100/727-200 (Saul Bass)
? American 747-123 (as delivered)
? Western 707-139
? Braniff 707-227 (short tail)
? Federal Express 727-200F (as delivered)
? Federal Express 747-200F
? Slick Airways CL-44