MOST WANTED, Loftleidir Canadair CL-44


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This is my most wanted model right now. I flew on these back in the day. Loftleidir DC-6B is done and Icelandair B727-100 is done so CL-44 is badly missing to complete my youth flying experiences. No existing mold but I hope this could be done in future. Found this old photo in my computer and got a sudden "flash-back". It is a beautiful and powerful aircraft.Loftleidir CL-44 3.jpg
Imaging me, in late 60’s changing from a DC-6B to this giant aircraft on my usual summer trip to Iceland. I was proud, this was the biggest aircraft at that time landing at Torslanda airport (Gothenburg, Sweden) and it was Icelandic (and I was Icelandic). A few years later the Icelandair B727-100 replaced the CL-44. There is this gap in my collection that I need to feel happy.