Melbourne Airport Terminal 2 - QUOTE WANTED


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Hi All.

I wasn't sure whether this should go here or in Private Party Sales but the former seemed more appropriate. I am looking to commission someone to make a 1:400-scale replica of Melbourne Airport's (YMML) Terminal 2 (More information below). If you know someone who I could contact, please let me know via a DM or if you are interested in taking up this project please DM me with a quote.

Terminal 2 at YMML services international operations across 15 gates. Ideally a coloured 3D print but I am happy to paint it myself. If possible, ground foils would be appreciatted, I'm happy to pay extra. Shipping to Melbourne, Australia.


Hi Qantas992!

What a coincidence; I just so happen to have a 3D printer! However, I don't have much experience with making terminal buildings. I have my own plan to print the Albuquerque Sunport. That looks like it will be a beautiful model though, I'm excited to watch it's development!