JetPhotos Acceptance? Will this photo get accepted?


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Hey guys, just curious if anyone feels this image has a chance of getting accepted to JP, if not, why?


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Didn't upload anything to JP or for years, but I'd say this is a definite reject.
- blurred to the left and generally not really sharp
- generally appears massively photoshoped (tarmac, halo around reg., red/green "glow" around lights, dark/contrast)

Just my opinion, but I'm not a "screener".
That would be a reject. I have for the most part, quit trying to upload to and JP. I tried another site and had photos rejected for "no sun on aircraft", well, I did take the photos on a cloudy day?!! It's to the point of why trying on any site.
I gave up trying to get my photos on JP a long time ago. Even with photos that were crisp, had a level horizon and good lighting got rejected. I just took that as a sign telling me to improve my photography skills before posting anything again. And I did. I practiced and now I have a lot more self-confidence in my photography abilities. Like the other on here, I think that your photo might sadly get rejected. Don’t let it get you down, just practice and you will get better. :)