Sale: lots of 1:400 planes for sale at good price


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Hi all, I am selling the following models, all are in 1:400, please refer to the following link

1) Discount starts at 2 units and will be made at "n^2 off" rate until n=10 ---- so if you buy 5, you get $25 off; if you buy 10, that's $100 off :)
2) All models are in excellent condition (pictures upon request), but no model is made perfect, so this might not be for perfectionists.
3) Shipment cost at buyer's expense ---- currently shipping to within the US only, returns not accepted in general!
4) Payment to be made via Zelle/Paypal, will ship upon confirmed payment.
5) I will upload these to eBay in the upcoming days, but price will be marked $5 higher per unit.
6) All-in-one price $500
7) Feel free to drop a message if you have any questions.

attaching one photo as collector validation.
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