Israeli B747 wish list


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With NG models Boeing 747 mould on the horizon i wanted to make this wish list of Israeli 747s hopefully we will see one of them made

1. C.A.L. B747-200 4X-ICL full livery


2.EL AL B747 4X-AXQ in the late 90s livery with the year 2000 sticker and the ומעבר EL AL עושים


3. EL AL B747 4X-AXH late 90s livery regular


4. EL AL B747 4X-AXB in the transition livery with white engines and blue titles and the star of David


5. EL AL B747 no titles and no logo on the tale 4X-AXD

6. C.A.L. /EL AL B747 hybrid late 90s livery


7. C.A.L. /EL AL B747 hybrid regular livery 4X-AXD


8. EL AL/ Koreans Airlines hybrid 4X-AXM


9. EL AL/TWA hybrid N93117


10. EL AL 747-300 on lease from Air Atlanta Icelandic TF-ATH
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Judging by the issues with the NG 747-200 it'll probably be quite a while before they release anything on it. Some of these are a bit obscure though so you might have to do some customs!
Sad to hear that NG is having some problems with its 742 mould, I just hope it isn't something ridiculous.
But yes once we have a brand make a EL AL 742 (just not PH) I will buy I big amount for my collection some will be customs.
But with JC being the only brand other than PH that has a 742 mould I don't see it coming in the future :(