wanted some Aeroclassics


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Hello everyone im looking to buy for a reasonable price some of the models in this list:
Aeroclassics EL AL 747 4X-AXA, 4X-AXB ,4X-AXC ,4X-AXD, 4X-AXF, 4X-AXG
Aeroclassics Varig 747 PP-VOB
Aeroclassics CP Air 747 C-FCRD expo 86
Aeroclassics Flying Tigers, C.A.L. Cargo Air Lines EL AL hybrid 747 N801FT
Aeroclassics Olympic Airways 747 SX-OAA SX-OAB SX-OAC
Aeroclassics Viasa Venezuela 747 N749WA
Aeroclassics KLM, Viasa Venezuela hybrid 747 PH-BUG
Aeroclassics Aer Lingus 747 EI-ASJ EI-BED EI-ASI
Aeroclassics KLM 747 (blue top any)

If you have any of them for sale for a reasonable price please send me a DM.
Shipping is to Israel.
Thank you.
The VIASA is now on eBay, starting bid €37. But the others, especially the KLM and Aer Lingus can easily go for €180-250 on eBay.