Gemini Jets December 2022

Very good release for North American collectors. I will wait to buy the DHL as soon as my FedEx arrives and I will assess. Very excited about Avelo but NG has confirmed to me they will make it so I will wait.
Some interesting releases. The flybe interests me and possibly the emirates. I would be interested in the ITA but if Gemini insist on using the hideous JC/GJ mould, I will swiftly avoid it. My trust in Gemini has of late been shaken due to the shoddy release of the Loganair Saab 340 and Aer Lingus ATR so I will wait to see before I even consider buying anything.
Very pleased with this set! Going to plan on getting the Avelo, Delta A223, and Northwest Electra!
Avelo and NWA Electra look cool - definite maybe, leaning towards a yes later in the month.

Hopefully their QC isn't 💩 this time around.
So looks like the only difference between these CS300s and the old is a new mold witch is just the gear apparently so i assume its just rolling gear.