Gemini/JC wood stands


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Does anyone miss the 1:200 Gemini Jets and JC Wings wooden stands? I find the metal stands that have been in circulation from around 2017 to be very bland. I actively seek out older models with the wooden stand for my collection and although some newer releases are tempting, the metal stand really puts me off. I know many people had problems with the wooden stands, particularly that they are very wobbly and that they break after years of holding models; however, I have had the same models displayed for more than 5 years and none of my stands have broken. Does anyone else want to see JC and Gemini bring back the wooden stands? I know that the new Cathay 747-8 release features the wooden stand but apparently it is old stock. If there is enough support I'd love to see a petition to bring back the stands, at the very least releasing them separately from the model releases so that we can stock up on them. I did this with Gemini's A380 wooden stand release.
Oh yes, I have several aircraft that I have to put on the main landing gear just because of this issue. Prices are going up, so shouldn’t we get a platinum stand instead of wood? XD