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Hi All! This is a place to post interesting things you have found on FlightRadar24. I'll start:

E-4B over Washington DC. Looks to have come from Offutt AFB

Westjet Encore filling in for westjet link on some of their feeder routes in alberta while some saab340s where in maintainance it wasnt uncommen to see these encore Dash 8s flying to YXH and YQL
Yay! The return of the Cathay A350 to Melbourne! Over the winter season the flights are on the 777, and as we move into summer, the A350-1000 gets used.

(Pretty bad picture but I didn't see it until it was some distance away)
I guess this counts as a flight radar finding since I found it on there. N538AS decided to give me a visit the second time that day after I missed it the first time. Pretty cool livery.


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Yay! We are getting the Cathay A330 back. CX will now be flying double-daily on the HKG-MEL flight, once in the A350-1000 and the other on either the A350-900 or the A330-300.
E9F0402F-505C-4E0A-84EF-25B8FE7007FA.pngIndonesia Air Force 737-200. first time seeing it in 6 months. I think sometime six months ago. it flew a few flights In jakarta presumably for surveillance. seems like I will posting here a lot :)
We should be seeing QF21 takeoff sometime soon, it’s the first MEL-DFW service, will post once it leaves Melbourne.
0B330697-A035-458D-9E34-63D6F4B4187F.pngE3A6F69A-2539-4094-834D-44EA0DD8BD5C.png@redriveraviation can you please dig into this interesting charter for RNO? The thing that is interesting is it’s getting a gate like passenger flights do

My flight! On descent now, and a storm just in view… In the middle of summer… Typical Melbourne weather!
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