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Not long after the introduction of ex-Latam a350s without a complete interior overhaul, Delta is bringing onboard another batch of used aircraft that offer an arguably inferior onboard experience from the massive mainline fleet. The thirty-three 737-900ERs from Lion Air have a reduced capacity in both domestic first class and comfort+ compared to the rest of Delta's 739s. To my knowledge, Delta is currently scheduling these jets for routes less than 500 miles out of ATL in an effort to minimize the impact of product inconsistency. The picture attached depicts N951DX, formerly 9M-LNL with Malindo Air. It is the first of the newly acquired sub-fleet to enter revenue service with Delta.
Here comes the interesting part: the addition of these planes also means Delta now has a version of the -9ER with functional type II exits. While a clear picture of the aft exits on these planes can yet be found online, a seat map noting this configuration, designated as 73R, is present on Delta's website. IIRC none of the US/Canada mainline carriers opted for these as none of them operated a -9ER with over 189 seats. I'm curious if a conversion to standard plugs is in place, much less whether it'd even be allowed when it comes the time to update the cabins to match the rest of Delta's 739s. Please comment if anyone knows such conversions have in fact been done in the past. Regardless, it is now a small bucket list mission to fly one of these jets to keep up my all-types-flown status with Delta. 😜
I also hope that when GJ/NG decides to make another DL739, they'll release one in this config featuring the different exits, especially since the only noticeable difference in printing would be the window size.


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