Eu models, disappeared?


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Hi guys :)

Time ago in Instagram there where an account that was saying that he would like to start a business with cheap European model. Now, searching in IG seems disappeared.

He talking would like to start before covid, later issue with the development, and all was postpone for the 2023.... And now.... Disappeared.

Have you any news of the project it's death before the start?

Because if i remember well he wanted to start with 737 model, and now we have so much moulds of this plane.... Hard start for my vision .. but of course... If the price it's cheap and the quality it's in the standard..... Why not... Also because the prices of the model it's still increasing
I saw a story a few months ago that it had fallen through again and the guy wouldn't be starting back up again. I'm unsure if it was ever genuine tbh as we never got to see any of the models, not even a sample which the guy claimed to have and they used some weird grainy photos to announce the release.

Its a shame as there are so many small offshoots from both NG and Panda that make American, Asian and Canadian models but no one so far has decided to do the same with European models.
Totally agree with you... I had a conversation a while back, and he said he had some samples, but... Never seen...