eBay scammer alert 'Freedar-5'


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Just to make the collectorate aware of this eBayer Freedar-5 in the UK, who has conned me out of a 1:200 model to the tune of over £100. I purchased an AK200 Aer Lingus Bae 146 from him on eBay a couple of weeks ago. Whilst he did actually ship the model out via the cheap UK courier firm Evri, they themselves alleged to have attempted three deliveries to me all within a few hours of each other whilst I was at work. They left no notifications, emails, push notices or even a 'while you were out card'. The item was then returned to him and this is where the problem has begun.

Whilst wondering where the heck my item was, it was only when I checked eBay tracking and discovered it had been shipped back to him and that Evri had made no attempt to inform me of any deliveries, or use my recorded safe drop off place, He initially agreed to resend it using a more reputable method. Anyone who has dealt with Evri in the UK will know how unprofessional they are. Then for no apparent reason, he changed his mind, has kept my money and relisted the item for sale again.
He's now not responding to my messages requesting a refund and I've had to log an official complaint with eBay and PayPal .
This is the relisted item, needless to say I am absolutely fuming at this guy and would urge others to be extremely careful in dealing with him. I've enclosed a screen shot of my original purchase details for validation.


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Firstly I hope you get your money back. Out of principle I would tell him to shove the model somewhere. Secondly, I hope eBay deal with this scumbag promptly.

Sadly, whilst my experiences on eBay have generally been fine, people like this to worry me and more so when you buy something in the hundreds of pounds
I left him some appropriate and entirely honest feedback as to what I think about this. He still won't reply to any messages but has lodged an appeal request to have the feedback edited as he considers it a blemish on his reputation. I believe the term 'actions have consequences' is apt here...
I've seen this seller before and have almost bought some models from them, ill be sure to stay away from them, hope ebay is on your side and you get your money back.