Detailed Mould Comparison - Boeing 767-400


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It was suggested a while back on here that I 'take one for the team' and get the Gemini 767-400. It seems to take ages for Gemini's to get to the UK so it has taken a while but after some reflection I decided I couldn't resist taking a closer look at it. This was originally going to simply be a model review but it quickly became apparent that I couldn't do the mould justice without taking a more detailed look, so instead it morphed into a comparison review against the Dragon Wings version of exactly the same aircraft. I'm only looking at the mould here. I know people have issues with Dragon due to their plastic wings, lack of print etc but surely a 2023 mould can easily beat one that dates from 2000? Well here are my thoughts on it.

It seems like GJ/JC reused not only the engines but also the maingears. The 764 has a different maingear door shape compared to its older variants and whilst being a minor detail it still isn't correct on the model. On the other hand I was hoping they'd take the nosegear from the 763 mould as it is superior to this one in both size and shape.

What I do appreciate though is the flaptrack fairings; most if not all of 1/400 767 moulds have microscopic fairings that are barely visible. Although granted the ones on this mould are slightly oversized it still better than most in my opinion.

I wonder if the second release (UA) has any of its features improved. Looking at the photos the nosegear door looks ever so slightly better but again those photos are not to trust. My hope is by the time the current Delta livery is released it will be improved, especially the wing angle.