Crank It Back: A US Retro Wishlist

JJ Skippy

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Hello everyone! In the last year now, I have grown a strong fascination for retro aviation, a lot of it having to do with my hometown airport of Sioux Falls. The history I have found is quite fascinating and I am certainly interested in doing other airports in the future. Here’s a wishlist of various US trunk and local service carrier models I would like to see made that have never been released. Additional models will be added in the future, but here’s a brief list of the ones I really want:

1 - North Central Douglas DC-3

North Central is my favorite retro airline, and its representation in 400 scale is a bit low. Only eight models have been released: 2 Convairs (a 340 and a 580), and six DC-9s (2 -50s, 4 -30s). One model that has surprisingly been overlooked is the DC-3. The White Top Feather is one I am eyeing the most.


One in the aqua livery did exist, but it was used for corporate transport by this point. This I wouldn’t mind seeing either.


2 - North Central DC-9-30

Several DC-9-30s have been made with NC colors but never with the gold trim, which only lasted for a few years.


3 - Mid-Continent DC-3 & Convair 240

How has Mid-Continent never been made in 400 scale before? Both the Convair and DC-3 would be great models to make.



4 - Ozark DC-3

Ozark is another airline that could use a few more releases. As I type this we recently got a DC-9-30, but something like a DC-3 wouldn’t hurt:


5 - Republic DC-9-50 Herman

After doing some digging, it baffles me that a Republic DC-9-50 with Herman colors has not been done. Plenty of Series 30s have been made so why not a Series 50?


And that’s all for now. Feel free to leave your US retro airline wishlist suggestions below!
Those are all models that I think a lot of the community would love to see made! I personally would love to see someone make a DC-2 mould and use it for some AA and PanAm examples.
I have a few more. Going along with JJ Skippy's Republic DC-9-51, how about a Republic DC-9-31 in the "Mary Tyler Moore scheme"
Hard to believe no one's done this one:Republic DC-9-31 1984 N912RW IND_19850526_01.jpg
Amazingly, no one has done a TWA 727-200 in the twin stripes hollow titles scheme:
N12306 R.jpg

Or, a United 727-100 in Saul Bass scheme with large titles:
United 727-22 N7014U.jpg
And I am still in disbelief that no one has made a Continental 737-300 in the last scheme:
Continental 737-324 N12318 1991.jpg
Would be super nice to have some of those Mary Tyler Moore DC-9s. I’m trying to think if they had a 727 painted in that livery too…
Wow... I am really surprised that no one has done the United or TWA 727s. I hope someone makes one because I would definitely order them!
I noticed it almost immediately too, I'm just not going to let that be a deal-breaker.
That's the right attitude! If we let ourselves get bogged down in the details and never bought anything unless it was perfect, we wouldn't have a very large range of models to choose from in the first place. Being happy with what we have is one of the most important parts of life and it certainly applies to this hobby!