Brand new BigBird400 future release!!!

Interesting. I had heard the previous trio didn't sell very well........
In EU or GB stores is it, curious to know.
They sold out on MHH in a jiffy. They'd got quite a number of them
On Jetcollector, only the Iran one shows available still - with a sole ANA remaining.
Similar with Scalemodelstore - that's the only large stockist in EU I checked
The Iran was a less preferred livery variation - but the ANA and Air New Zealand ones seem to be quite popular
Both of those 707's look really interesting. I am interested to see what mould they use tho, hoping its the same as that Shanghai Airlines example JC released a while back
Nice to finally have a Korean Air 742 with correct titles, not spoiled by a “K” which is smaller than the rest of the letters! That’s all there’s been since 2005. Will have to get that one. The 707’s look interesting too.