Benelux Charter Airlines


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One of the models I acquired this past weekend at the AACF was a delightful Air Holland 767-300 from @Mark22 . It uses the ancient 2003 Tucano Line mould but after it had been modified to fix the nose. The mould was used for 5 years by Tucano, its successor Phoenix and their production partner at the time Gemini Jets. This model was produced in 2003 so still has one of the plastic boxes Phoenix used at the start. 600 were made and it is still a decent model.



My charter fleet has been growing and now has 5 shelves of Kallax units. The Benelux countries have their own shelf with a sprinkling of TEA, Sobelair, Transavia, Martinair and Air Holland (forgive the German interlopers). The 767 is a nice addition:

Lovely birds. The Transavia B732 and B752 are so nice. I have the Air Holland 757 too, although my version have the Dinar titles aswell.

I hope to see a Martinair 767 released someday, wearing the same livery of that DC-10.