Model Review - American Airlines B767-323ER N377AN by Phoenix


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I've had this model on preorder for 2 months and it is something of a coincidence that it arrived at the weekend just as I was writing the reviews of the new NG Models 767 samples. The 767 has been one of Phoenixes remaining competitive moulds and now with more US releases from them how does this model stack up? Let's take a look:

Despite the flaws, it's a beautiful model. I think Phoenix did a great job this time. The chrome finish is indeed lovely.

However, if NG ever release an American B767-300ER in this scheme, we clearly know who's going to score the highest.
Enjoyed reading your piece @YesterAirlines.
The quandary you state in your closing note is real - and I recall a couple of days ago posting my own sense of doubt on the PH Dec thread.
While one can expect NG to make surefire mainstream sellers like DL or AA (speaking of the 763) - whether or not they may make 'niche' airlines such as Seychelles for instance, is anybody's guess. Same goes for the A340s. Seeing how they're using their Tupolev, 1011 and 747sp moulds, is not very reassuring.
When I built up my AA chrome fleet I had to resort heavily to DW since GJ models (including the 763W using this PH mold) were so expensive. So this is a very welcomed model, along with many of the examples NG has been producing in this livery.

Many of the issues with the PH mold are rather innocuous though. Personally, I don't see NG as a huge threat to Phoenix as, however superior their product is likely to be, it is probably not going to matter too much in 1:400 scale.

More importantly:
if NG ever release an ...

NG mold utilization has been very disappointing, so until I see them pumping out the classics we (at least I) want, they can keep their pristine molds proudly sitting in their factory and I will keep my precious coin in my pocket (or give it to other brands) :)