Air Algerie


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Hey everyone!

Is there a particular reason why Air Algerie is so neglected in this scale? I know there are the odd 70s & 80s models. But nothing from the green and red 90s livery up the the present day.

Definitely a big gap for collectors of EMEA fleets imo!
Thank goodness someone else has mentioned this as it is indeed a big gap missing. As a lover of retro airliners, I did all the research for Air Algerie Caravelles for Aeroclassics ....TWELVE YEARS AGO...yet still these haven't been made!car 1.jpgcar2.jpg
Would love to see the Caravelle, B.727-200 & A300 added to the lineup. The AC B.737-200 released a few months back was awesome.
Tunisair models are also sorely needed in 1/400
I have an A300 of this airline, that's it. x2 B.727-200's of different reg's, a B.737-200 & 2 Caravelle's of varying schemes have also been made by AC. A few of these are on my wantlist.