Aeroflot TU-144S (1:400) CCCP-77107


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Aeroflot TU-144S (1:400) CCCP-77107 from Herpa 2013.

Delivered to Aeroflot in December 1975. Final flight to Kazan in March 1985. Stored until May 2017 and put on display in Kazan.

SteinarAeroflot TU-144S CCCP-77107 HP_1 .JPGAeroflot TU-144S CCCP-77107 HP_2.JPGAeroflot TU-144S CCCP-77107 HP_4.JPGAeroflot TU-144S CCCP-77107 HP_5.JPG
Awsome picture👌🏻
I have this model as well and I am pleased with it.
Hopefully one day we will see with the nose cone down and the two small canard wings unfolded. Perhaps also a little lower maingear.
Lovely pictures Steinar. I have this model together with 77101 and 77144 (received today). I'm on the lookout for 77114 in the Aeroflot livery and NASA Test livery.
Lovely model! I wasn’t aware there was a 144 in 1:400 scale, but I think I might have to look for one now. Keep up the great photos! :)