Model Review - Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-154 CCCP-85000 by NG Models


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Prototype models can be challenging, especially when the actual aircraft differs from later variants. NG have historically been good at making special changes to moulds but it is understandable that making a Tu-154 'sans suffixe' is perhaps a step too far. Even so, despite that, and some livery errors, the end result still looks decent and better than the competing version produced in 2021:

It's a lovely classic.
As noted before by Richard, I also wonder why NG put blue titles instead of black. I've found this pic after a quick Google search:


The blue cheatline also seems to be way too dark to me.
Should be much lighter than that!

The Blue is clearly a Cerulean - how could NG mess this up with all the photos available online.
Unless someone decided to use the AC one as reference.............
Will still get this one anyway as I love this mould and the 154 is one of my favorites (like @YesterAirlines and I'm guessing many others, I also own the AC effort)