Aeroclassics Spring 2024 Releases

did that wide title actually exist? I couldn't find any photos of it
See here:
The revised titles would have been the better choice IMHO because they were only done on the -230B and not on the -230BM by BigBird in 2006.

I'm also waiting for a blue KLM -206B with ten windows on the upper deck and PW engines. Never done in 1/400 (except for a Garuda hybrid AFAIK). Little variations could make rereleases less repetitive and may convince long time collectors like me to invest again.
ermm - isn't anyone gonna say it?....😅

Here we go . . . the omelette is in the wrong position on the tail
And the font is off.

priced on par with a 'recent retro model someone else made'
no hullabaloo and dissecting and the like?....hmmm😅
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Saw better pictures on another forum and I think except for the grey pylons this Lufthansa turned out better than most recent 747s. But as I own the Big Bird releases I won't buy.