Your forced to buy from one brand for the rest of your life. what will be the brand?

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1.You have to get rid of every model that isnt the brand of your choice. in your collection after youve chosen the brand.
2.You can buy second hand from the brand of your choice.
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NG of course. 70% of my collection is NG, and I plan to buy NGs almost exclusively from now on anyway. Once you get used to their standards, it's tough to be impressed by anything from other brands.


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NG hands down. Similar to @pons399 the majority of my collection is now NG, and their models take up almost 70% of last year's purchases. Hey, if a company has impeccable moulds, the ability to communicate and receive feedback, and even fulfill some of my reg requests, that's the way to go.


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Aeroclassics. The only one with the majority of moulds and the only manufacturer likely to make the models to fill my criteria of LGW in the 1990s....

383 of my ~900 models are theirs and no one creates the variety of nostalgia pieces and all time classics that Aeroclassics do..
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Aeroclassics - more variety of interesting nostalgic moulds. Can't imagine buying modern Airbuses and Boeings only - how boring!

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I would say NG because of their L-1011 mould. But since I'm not much of a modern aircraft collector it would most likely be Aeroclassics. Maybe even the old Gemini releases!


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NG, without a second thought. Despite my love for classics, and props in particular, the aircraft that got me into this hobby and make up the majority of my collection are A350s, 787s, A330s, 747s, etc, etc, so it is only natural that I would choose the manufacturer who does them best. It also helps that NG's printing, moulds and overall quality are second to none. Besides, my collection is 70% NG, and their excellent customer service with their willingness to take recommendations is an added bonus.
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I would have to say Gemini as well over half of my collection is Gemini, Aeroclassics is 2nd with 103 models.


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AeroClassics of course. AC is the most common brand in my collection because they do models I want that no one else make.

Of course I buy from other brands if it fits my criteria.


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If we don't consider the current prices for new models, then Aeroclassics. Best selection of retro aircraft and the least predicable releases.