Uzbekistan Airways


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Until about a year ago I didn't collect airlines from the CIS, outside of Russia itself. Uzbekistan Airways has a delightful livery and I was expecting it to be quite hard to pickup their models in 400 scale (there have been a decent 9 releases) seeing as most are quite old. Somehow I've had a lot of luck though and managed to pickup 5 of them, plus an excellent custom from DT Customs. They have come from a variety of sources - the Il-76 from Waffle, Tu-154 oc from the AMS show, Tu-154 nc from Kunal Chopra and Il-86 from Ian Martin at the MAN show.

Most recently I've added the Aeroclassics 767-300 from a private seller on Facebook.


The pair of Il-86s look great together.


Here's the fleet on display:

I like how different their colorscheme is. Quite striking and colorful!
Also quite funny to see the different shades of each model. The IL-86 have a light blue, while the others are darker.
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I have the same models excepting the B767 and the DT custom Il-86 but plus the AC A310.
I couldn't find my Il-76 or old livery Tu-154 in time to take this picture but the variations in shade of blue is shown quite nicely.