United 737-800 Star Wars


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Hi guys,

Here is one of my favorite models, the NG Models United Airlines Boeing 737-800 in the Star Wars livery! This is such a nice model, the detail blows me away. Sure, the printing may be a little pixelated, but man the space vibe is so cool. What do you guys think of this model, do you guys have this one? Feel free to share your cool shots of this pretty bird!IMG_3849 copy.jpg
Thanks for letting me know it turned out good!

Had the chance to help NG design this as one of the projects I did before they grew huge.

The plane was scheduled for repaint as soon as I finished the livery

Otherwise I love it and have a few in my possession
I’m very happy with this model myself Connor! I was a little bothered at first about the amount of stars printed but have since looked past it and feel overall its quality is top notch for the scale. 👍 Looking forward to the 1/200 from JC wings. Ordered 4 😊


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So glad you got the model and got to see it in real life!

How did the JC Wings version turn out? Looks solid.

Do you take spotting pictures at all, I think would do a good job if so!
Me too. I don't have a camera, but I definitely could use one. Maybe one of these days I'll get one.
Curious to see if anyone ordered both the JC and NG version. Would love to see them side by side and see how they compare.