Sorry for inactivity!


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Hey guys,

Super sorry for my lack of activity over the last few weeks. I have had some trips and projects that I have been wanting to knock out for quite some time keeping me busy as of late. Hopeful to be back on track here by mid-next week. Hope all is well, have really enjoyed y'all's content, keep up the great work!

Hey Connor,

It is completely ok, you do not need to apologise. We all completely understand and I am looking forward to the upcoming projects in the future. It will be great to have you back as an active member in the coming weeks, and I am pleased to report that most of the conversations and activity have been very civil, thankfully nothing like some other forums... Hoping you and your family are well, and looking forward to discussing more in the near future.

Best regards,
Hi guys,

I sincerely apologize once again for my lack of activity over the last month. This inactivity demonstrates the struggle of having so many commitments and why it can be challenging to keep up with them. I am very helpful to reunite with consistency very soon. Keep up the great post, I love seeing them! Outstanding work!

Just wanted to let you all know, I will be inactive for the next three days. I’m going camping off the grid, I think it will be a nice screen detox! Hope you are all well, and I will see you again soon!