Show your Latest 1:200 Purchase

Not into 200 scale but sometimes buy one out of curiosity for the mould.
BA Landor is amongst the greatest liveries ever, so this NG 757 had to be it.
What can I say, not happy with this and seriously disappointed with NG on this one. The wing dihedral is a mess and the engine nacelles/intake lips are overdimensioned (while the fan/intake diameter itself is ok) and can't keep up with the quality look of the rest of the model.
gbikn4 by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr
gbikn2 by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr
gbikn1 by Alexander Kern, auf Flickr
These are my latest 1:200 purchases for the past month.

I'm really fortunate to have these 2 models in my collection! Both of them are amazing and they look good for my 1:200 collection! Both of them are Gemini200 models, and the overall detail look absolutely gorgeous!

GJ_AN-225_1-200 copy.jpg
GJDALE175 copy.jpg
Just picked up Inflight200/WB's Singapore Airlines 777-200 (9V-SQA).

The brand new mould is unsurprisingly superb. Also present are Inflight's traditional jeweled landing lights and moulded ADF antennas. Particularly impressive are the engine fan blades, which accurately replicate those of the IRL Trent 800. Fan blades tend to be an afterthought in 200 scale, so props to Inflight.


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