Short-lived Shamrocks: Aer Lingus 767-300s


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I had planned for this to be a simple photo post but as is often the case when I look into the avhistory of an aircraft more is demanded. I recently acquired this delightful Aer Lingus 767-300ER and it got me researching their short time at the Irish flag carrier. So check out the strange story of the EI 763s:

Interesting and informative article Richard. I'm fairly certain I saw EI-CAL at LHR once in EIN livery (will have to check my spotting logs).
I also have EI-CAM sporting full EIN livery, only 96 made. I knew it was a 'fantasy livery', it never having worn that (and explains why I never saw it a LHR as well).
It was interesting seeing the photo in partial livery. I wonder if it would be possible to modify the model?
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