Retro St Louis Airport

Hi all,

Welcome to the first St Louis International Aiport update. Today will be focused on one Terminal of the 'hub' airline here.
The layout won't be perfect but I'm hoping the timeline will be.
Here is the apron outside the terminal, and the flights will commence later this evening in another update.
First operations update of the TWA terminal.

TWA 767-300 just arrived in from Nassau (Bahamas). Passengers have disembarked and the catering and cleaning crews are preparing the plane for its next flight.

TWA 757-200 is about to be pushed back for a flight out to Los Angeles (USA), just awaiting the jet bridge to be retracted.

TWA 727-200 is currently in between flights and undergoing refuelling. It will be departing out to Miami (USA) later this evening.

TWA 767-200 is just finishing have the final bags loaded and will then begin its pushback for a flight out to Montego Bay (Jamaica).

TWA 767-300 just arrived in from London Heathrow (UK) and will shortly be unloading the bags as the passengers disembark using the jet bridge.

TWA 767-200 is preparing for a flight out to Dublin (Ireland). Bags are being loaded and flight is second in line for departure.

TWA L1011 has arrived in from Athens (Greece) and passengers will be disembarking via the air stairs onto the awaiting coaches.

TWA 767-300 is taxiing out for a flight to Paris (France).