Retro Sioux Falls Airport

Retro FSD’s next update (posted a few weeks ago) takes us to 1994; another model makes it debut in the project.

How much further can we go? Without the American Fokker 100 still, this update in 1994 is about as far as I can go continuously in the project. To keep things moving, my plan is to skip 1992 and go to 1991 instead, and I will return to 1992 once I acquire the American F100. Keep an eye out for the 1991 update in November.
Here is some flight data for FSD from the OAG...September, 2002, April 2003, and October 2003.


  • FSD OAG Data 9-2002 - Sheet1 (1).pdf
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  • FSD OAG Data 4-2003 - Sheet1.pdf
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  • FSD OAG Data 10-2003 (1) - Sheet1.pdf
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The next Retro FSD update is now available for your viewing enjoyment. We take a look at 1991 to round out our trip to the 90s (for now). We'll be back for 1992 once the American Fokker 100 comes in (TBD on when that will be). In the meantime, we'll go back to the 2000s and thanks to @Purpleplane's help with the OAG info, we'll head to 2002 in the next update for December.
This past week was finals week which explains my recent absence, but next in the pipeline is Retro FSD for 2002. No year has yet been set for next month, though I might try a more “modern-classic” Retro FSD update to start 2024.
Deviating away from the airport updates for a quick minute, I wanted to post about a pair of really cool timetables I acquired this holiday season. These are Western Airlines quick reference schedules for Sioux Falls; considering how small the city was at the time (just over 80,000 per the 1980 Census) I didn’t think these would exist for this city.

The insides of these timetables are the standard for a quick reference timetable: an overall list of cities you can fly to direct and connect to. 1980 is on the left, 1981 right.
One Retro FSD model I did acquire during the Christmas season this year was this lovely Western 737-300 by Gemini Jets, wearing the carrier's Bud Lite livery of which would be their last. While I don't have concrete evidence to show that this livery and type visited FSD (though I'm more confident on the former), it will be a nice alternate plane to use in those 1986-early 1987 updates when I reach this point in the project.

On another note this'll hold me over until I find the whitetop 732; heaven forbid someone rereleases that!
New information came up in my research for Retro FSD as of a month ago. On September 8, 1982, United started service to Sioux Falls from Denver and onto Moline/Quad Cities, their first to the current airfield as they had previously served Sioux Falls at the Soo Skyways Airport. The land for that airfield is now occupied by various businesses.

I was fortunate enough to find this timetable on eBay for a very good deal since it mentions Sioux Falls on the front cover as one of two new cities at the time. The previous issue from September 9, 1982 does not mention the new FSD service as the Boeing 767 began service for the airline that same day. I’ll have to hunt that one down.
The next Retro FSD update is on the way. A little sneak peek:
Screenshot 2024-02-07 211407.png

One other announcement: I have another Retro FSD model on the way. It'll be another "old but gold" model.
While you're at it, feel free to check out last month's Retro FSD video. As I'm a bit short on airport updates, I've delved back into my gobs upon gobs of research to put together a comprehensive history of our air service to Minneapolis. I plan on doing another one in the future: let me know of your thoughts.
Another Retro FSD model has landed! I was finally able to get my hands on this Braniff Convair 440 by Aeroclassics, admittedly after it had been on Waffle’s website several times 😅 better late than never!

These flew here between the late 50s and early 60s and never wore the more famous Jelly Bean liveries as they were mostly gone by that point. All I need now is the BAC One Eleven and my Braniff collection for Retro FSD will be complete!