Props Down Under - A 1:400 Retro Australian Propeller Wishlist


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Hi All! I have always thought that retro Australian propellor aircraft are pretty under-represented in this scale, especially the smaller, more remote airlines, so I decided to put together a list of models I would like to see made!

MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA) Vickers Viscount Type 720 VH-RMQ


This particular aircraft holds a very important place in my heart. This aircraft was involved in a hull-loss incident on the 31st of December, 1968, whilst operating MMA flight 1750. My great-grandfather, Brian Bayley, was the captain of this flight and perished in the accident. There has never been an MMA aircraft made in 1:400, and I would love for this aircraft to be made so I could have a memorial to him.

Trans Australian Airlines (TAA) Convair CV-240 VH-TAO


To be honest, I am suprised a 1:400 CV-240 has not been made in the TAA colours. I love this aircraft, and I really think it wears the TAA colours well!

Trans Australian Airlines (TAA) Fokker F-27-600 Friendship VH-TQO 1980's Colours


We have had a TAA F-27 in the 1970s colours, but not in the later 1980s livery. It is a very attractive scheme that I would love to add to my collection!

Please feel free to add Australian aircraft you would love to see made below!