NG Models' New Mould


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I just woke up, and about to get ready for work. I saw on Instagram NG Models announced their new mould: B737 MAX 8/9!!

Announcement reel:

From what I see through the reel, they look great! @YesterAirlines, cant wait to see you do a review on them!

Although, I was hoping (like everyone else) NG would announce their new B747 mould, it was expected to be a narrow body from their teaser image. Still, it's very exciting to see them announce a new mould~
It was a wise business decision judging from responses on social media, but I can't help but be disappointed it's not a 747. Yes we know they're coming and the -8 has been leaked, but how much longer must we wait?
It was the right choice at the right time... I am liking the look of them, and adapting this into a MAX 7 should be relatively straightforward. I am happy with the choice, but if we do not get a Bonza, Virgin Au and Fiji MAX 8s my mind might change...
At least it's yet another modern jet out of the way, so one step closer to some more retro jets and props 😁