NG Models 200 Scale Moulds Announced for AMS Fair


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Hi All. Over in the 400 scale forum I've been pre-announcing a selection of new mould samples that are being sent to this weekend's Amsterdam Aviation Fair where they will be displayed on the Yesterday's Airlines table. It isn't all 400 scale though as of the 16 samples 5 are in 200 scale.

NG Models has been expanding its reach in 200 scale of recent with new 757-200 and 737-600 moulds - the first releases for each having recently been announced. The first 3 new 200 scale samples are filling out the 737NG family with the series 700/800/900.

The 737NG are quite well represented in 200 scale so I'm interested to know what people think of these choices.

I find it unfortunate that NG only seems to look at what's popular and not to what's already available. I never see anyone ask for a new 1/200 737NG mould.
The last announcements of new NG samples fill out some more of the 737 series in 200 scale with both the MAX-8 and MAX-9. That's it for new samples for now - remember these samples will hopefully be on show at the Amsterdam fair tomorrow at the Yesterday's Airlines table.

I'm happy that it's just the expected MAX.
I've just received their blank 736 and as much as I try to avoid collecting 1/200...
...I love it.

Damn, I can only hope they don't do Air Berlin or Hapag Lloyd 738... o_O
God forbid they do some classics in 200 scale.