NG L1011 cradle issue

After reading about issues with NGs L1011 packaging, they messed up badly and clearly didn't bother checking if it fits. Now this Atlantic International Tristars antenna is twisted and flattened. Are some of you more lucky than me?

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My 748 also came in a plastic cradle, and one of the aerials was missing entirely; I couldn't find it, so had to cannibalize another model for repairs. Judging from the hole in the cradle near the missing aerial, it was never glued on properly, and fell out through the hole...

Definitely a cost-cutting measure.
I'll check my Saudia L-1011 when it arrives, but it seems more likely than not that it'll come in the same condition as yours Mark.
Yikes, I have this on pre-order, but it won't arrive for a while as I have it tied it up with an AV400 that is delayed. Hopefully arrives fine. I get the cost-cutting, but sending them out like that to retailers is pure negligence.