Model Review - Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-900neo G-VTOM by Aviation400


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I've got a lot of time for Aviation400 but of their moulds their A330s have always been their weakest efforts and the new A330-900s still has issues. These models come with removable magnetic landing gear but arguably they'd have done better to have focused more on the form of the forward fuselage, which I don't think is competitive with the existing moulds.

From your review photos, it's apparent the model doesn't have the characteristic A330 nose down / tail up posture as well, that is such an important feature to capture.
Too many things going wrong.
The first time I'd seen photos, I remember I was appalled by the nose at first glance.
How could this get to the market?
Can't believe it's the same company that makes those stunning A380s
Great review, thank you so much, very informative! 👍😊 I was in fact thinking of getting that exact model, but now I’ll reconsider. Anyway, maybe this way some budget is left for one more of the new AV400 787s. 😁
The AV400 A330-900neo are really not living up to the expectations.
The nose itself is a deal-breaker to me - very odd and NOT resembling an A330neo. The aerials, as others has pointed out, are gigantic like many of their products and is horrendously out of proportion.
Definitely a product to avoid - then for the 3 available A330neos in market the order would likely be:
1)JC Wings (A different mould to A330ceo - though share similar characteristics)
2) Phoenix (A new wing on A330ceo fuselage - though the wing itself left quite a bit to desired)
3) Aviation400 (Like Phoenix, it's a A330ceo fuselage with new wings, but on a inferior A330ceo mould to Phoenix)