Model Review - Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-11 N806DE by Phoenix Models


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The change in direction this year from Phoenix has certainly led to a more diverse release set, including for the first time in its history a sustained number of US airliners. I haven't bought a new MD-11 in a while now so I thought I'd get this Widget version as an upgrade on the ancient Gemini one. It also has given me a chance to take a closer look at the Phoenix mould.

I usually dislike PH MD-11 but this one looks very beautiful! The too long gears do bother me a bit, though.
At least the real N806DE had PW engines. It seems Phoenix only have PW engines for their MD-11s!
Great review - always keen to read your comparisons and for the first time I own both models as well and can compare in real life.

Overall I have a rule - I don’t buy the same airline/type combination I already own. In over 360 models I only broke this rule twice. Both times the Delta widget got me - I added the latest NG L1011 to my Herpa one and now the PHX M11 to my GJ. I must say that I love the new PHX in the more crisp white and the aerials added. I notice the gear height issue - but I don’t care as I prefer the added details of the gear itself.