Model Review - Atlas Air (Pre-delivery) Boeing 747-8F N863GT by NG Models


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As well as the blank samples NG also sent me the first two 747-8s for the AMS fair, albeit not with the standard boxes. For this week's model review I thought I'd take a look at the primer last 747 built. It was a model that impressed lots of people at the show and I have to say has impressed me also:

Waiting for mine to arrive, but from those pics I'd definitely say the nose/upperdeck profile is better.
IMO this is the first and so far only NG 747 that looks good in this area.
I only ordered it after seeing the positive response from collectors at AMS, and boy, am I impressed! I just got the email from my retailer telling me it’s in stock, can’t wait to pick it up and see it for myself. Excellent review as always, although it is a bit disappointing that the panel lines weren’t attempted.
The gear under the nose?
No - all the gear rolls. But the maingear units under the wing box on some moulds they can be moved up and down to make it look like they do when landing, and the gear trucks here don't move themselves. Not the tyres - the actual gear units. So they can't do this. It's really not a biggie:

ahhh ok, now I understand, sorry for to be a bit dumb, please be patience with me :D its a bit strange but I think that it’s for continue the line up of the ng models, I have seen only the herpa and the JC wings that they has this feature, and I must say that I like it so much.