Model Review: Air Mauritius Boeing 747SP 3B-NAG


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Few models are perfect so if you're collecting 400 scale there's always likely to be plenty of times when you need to compromise a little. Gemini have been making some nice choices this year and since it doesn't look like NG are very interested in using their own 747SP mould an air Mauritius example was too good to pass up even on the old Gemini version of the aircraft:

Thanks for this review Richard. This livery-aircraft combo is one of 'those' must-haves and GJs been on a great roll recently, releasing stuff that's surprisingly never been done before by them - but I guess I am spoilt by the NG version.......?. I've been on the fence on this one - and I may just, just, pick it up on impulse.
On another note - the GJ fuselage seems to be painted a metallic/silver hue rather than polished? Or is it just a grey? As on the real thing, this is bare metal I presume? Was just curious.