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Hi everyone! I just signed in to this forum and I'm happy to be here. I will use my real name here (Steinar). I'm on other forums as Eirikur Raudi (on DAC since 2007) and as audiopro (on 400Scalehangar since 2004). I'm also 400scale_se_aviation on Instagram.
This is just an introduction and test of uploading photos. Hope it works.

See you soon!



  • Icelandair B737-Max8 TF-ICE New GJ_2.JPG
    Icelandair B737-Max8 TF-ICE New GJ_2.JPG
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  • Maersk B737-2L9 OY-APG_3.JPG
    Maersk B737-2L9 OY-APG_3.JPG
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  • Remote parking AB_17.JPG
    Remote parking AB_17.JPG
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  • SAS DC-9-41 SE-DDT AS_5.JPG
    SAS DC-9-41 SE-DDT AS_5.JPG
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Great to see you my friend! I look forward to seeing your wonderful photos.

As a sidenote that Maersk 737-200 is a wonderful model, which I completely missed out on.
Outstanding share right here! Welcome aboard, we’re glad you’re here! I love your setup, did you use photoshop for the backdrop?
Welcome to MAF! Really enjoy seeing those models with the backdrops, feel free to keep posting more images here.
Hello and thanks for the welcome!
Of course you will see more of my photos in the future and you can be sure of that.