Journy of sellings most my 1:400 models


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I started selling a majority of my 1:400 collection starting at the beginning of this year but only slowly I did sell about 1/4 a few months ago and now i am selling half so I will document my journey of getting rid of the 1:400 scale models. The models i would like to have left by the end of this are very little. The models I am expecting to keep are

-Westjet Encore Q400 (this will stay with me till I die lol)
-Flair 737MAX8 From Aeroclassics Though only the GJ gets released i will replace it
-Canadian North 737-300
-Air Canada E175 (my first model)

The reason i am keeping these is for my small model airport of witch i will make a thread on shortly

I will be listing more models shortly so stay tuned they include the Westjet 787 and 3 737s as well as some other models.
So far i have sold About 30 Models and have about 10 left