Forgotten Airliners part 1: Ilyushin IL-12 and IL-14


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Not too long ago I started looking into airliners from the past that are not present in the world of 400 scale (most often 200 scale too). In part one I discuss the Ilyushin IL-12 and IL-14; despite being one of the most succesfull Soviet aircraft ever built, it has seen very little attention by Phoenix and Western Models in 1/200. You can read about the development, operational history and potential for diecast scalemodels in my article:

I have dozens of other aircraft on the list, some only existed as scalemodel, some have explored the skies for many years, so stay tuned as there are many more articles to come!

I didn't know about these two Soviet airliners. Very informative Mark. I was looking at the DiMA database. Looks like the Phoenix and Western 1/200 molds are actually two different ones (?) Interesting.
I knew about its existence, but not that it was so successful with so many built. Surely none of the others on my list come even close :unsure: