[FOR SALE] IL-96 Aeroflot RA-96015 (Phoenix 1:400)

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Hello, I am looking for a new owner for this model I obtained last October.
I reside in California, USA.

Item Information:

- Condition: Used
- Make: Phoenix
- Airline: Aeroflot (modern livery)
- Aircraft: Ilyushin IL-96-300
- Registration: RA-96015
- Damage(s): None.
- Original box and all its contents (plastic case, protection wrap, etc.) are present and clean.
40 USD total including standard shipping within the US.

This model has been sitting on a bookshelf where the books are there as decoration and there was no direct sunlight.
No one but myself has ever touched it (I think...), so it is in the same condition as it was first pulled out of the box.

For transparency,
The following are several minor imperfections that came with the model that I found (that one might want to know about)
- Loose antennae. Although still intact, it is not-fully-anchored to the body.
- Tampa print imperfections: (1) left wing far leading edge flap (2) left side rear registration marking (3) engine intake silver trims.
As these imperfections seem to be quite common, I hope these don't contribute to the value of this item.
If anyone needs to see more photos, please let me know.

Please see the photos here:
I am aware that this model is still widely available in the market!
So, if anyone was looking to obtain this model but hasn't done so, this could be an option with a slight discount and certainty on item condition as described above.

If anyone is interested, feel free to reply to this post OR write me a direct message (start conversation feature).

Thank you!
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