British Airways in 1/72 & 1/200

Jolly Roger

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A few years back I bought a pack of balsa wood and whittled it into a few 1/72 scale shapes. And then along came a die cast one in 1/200.351AAEE8-CC8B-419D-9637-0A661C00CC69.jpeg72164F32-8354-4EF0-B061-5B5B63A41E2A.jpeg
Loving your work, as ever. Back in 1983 when BA had just received it's first Boeing 757's, I remember as a lad being quite excited at the sight of one landing at GLA. Right behind it came along the sight of Loganair's brand new Short 360, which seemed so sleek compared to its somewhat clumsy predecessor, the Short 330. And of course Loganair still operates three Twin Otters today, one of which I'll be flying on soon hopefully.