American Trans Air livery history


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American Trans Air began operations in February, 1973 as Ambassadair Travel Club in Indianapolis, Indiana with a pair of Boeing 720's.
Boeing 720-025 N8711E was named Miss Indy:
Ambassadair 720-025 N8711E L.jpg
Boeing 720-048 N8790R was named Spirit of Indiana:
Ambassadair 720-048 N8790R R.jpg
American Trans Air began official operations of military charters in March, 1981 with 3 ex-American 707-123Bs:
N7515A, N7554A, and N7570A. All were delivered in bare metal with a gold, white and blue cheat line as shown here on N7554A:
American Trans Air 707-123B N7554A R.jpg
2 more 707-123B's were added later in 1981, N7573A and N7589A. These were delivered in white top scheme which became the standard, as shown on N7573A:

American Trans Air 707-123B N7573A L.jpg
In 1982 and 1983, 3 707-323C's joined the fleet: N7597A, N7599A, and N8416. Photo is of N7597A:
American Trans Air 707-323C N7597A L.jpg
As growth contnued, American Trans Air began regular scheduled operations and eventually purchased 8 used 727-100s. Shown is 727-22 N286AT:
American Trans Air 727-022 N286AT L.jpg
727-200's, 757-200's, L-1011's and 2 DC-10's eventually joined the fleet in this paint scheme:
727-227A N768AT:
American Trans Air 727-200 N768AT L.jpg
757-212 N757AT:
American Trans Air 757-200 N757AT L.jpg
L-1011-50 N186AT:
American Trans Air L-1011-100 N186AT R.jpg
DC-10-40 N184AT:
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1995 "Vacation" scheme
On November 15, 1995 American Trans Air introduced an all-new paint scheme, which quickly became known as the "Vacation" Scheme.
727-200's, 757-200's, and L-1011's all appeared in this scheme:
727-227A N783AT:
American Trans Air 727-200 N773AT 1995.jpg
757-23N N518AT:
American Trans Air 757-200 N518AT IND_20050824_01.jpg
L-1011-100 N195AT:
American Trans Air L-1011-100 N195AT 1995.jpg
L-1011-500 N161AT:
American Trans Air L-1011-500 N161AT L.jpg
1998 "25th Anniversary"
In March, 1998 727-227A N772AT and 757-23N N520AT were painted in a special 25th Anniversary scheme to celebrate American Trans Air's beginnings in March 1973. 727-227A N772AT:
American Trans Air 727-200 N772AT R.jpg
757-23N N520AT:
American Trans Air 757-200 N520AT 1998 L.jpg
1999. Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays
Beginning in 1999, a few L-1011's were given special Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays titles.
L-1011-100 N192AT:
L-1011-500 N163AT:
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2001...the last paint scheme
On May 31, 2001 American Trans Air introduced a new paint scheme. The early 2000's also saw bankruptcy, restructuring and the eventual shut down of this once very proud airline.
N737-83NWL N301TZ:
American Trans Air 737-800WL N301TZ R.jpg
The bankruptcy and restructuring also led to the arrival of 3 ex-United 737-322's, although they were short-lived:
737-322 N403TZ:
American Trans Air 737-322 N403TZ L.jpg
757-23N N523AT:
American Trans Air 757-200 N523AT 2001.jpg
757-33N N557TZ:
American Trans Air 757-300 N557TZ L.jpg
At least 1 L-1011-500 made it into a hybrid of this scheme.
L-1011-500 N162AT:
in 2006, plans were made to acquire 6 ex-Northwest DC-10-30's for MAC charters, they were quickly conveyed to World Airways although at least 3 appeared in hybrid schemes.
DC-10-30 N701TZ:
American Trans Air DC-10-30 N701TZ L.jpg
DC-10-30 N702TZ:
American Trans Air DC-10-30 N702TZ R.jpg
DC-10-30 N706TZ:
American Trans Air DC-10-30 N706TZ L.jpg
I hope everyone enjoys this, and please let me know if you spot any errors.
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