AirTran/airTran & a recent DC-9 addition


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I've been acquiring a few older models recently from an eBay seller. They have mostly been older Aeroclassics and Geminis. There are some moulds I try and avoid, not as many as you might think though, and this old Gemini DC-9-30 is definitely one of them, but sometimes when the price is right and there's no alternative I'll still go for it. It is somewhat surprising that there hasn't been an Aeroclassics version to date.


There isn't a lot of choice when it comes to representing the airline as AirTran has had a poor showing in 400 scale to date. That's a bit weird since it was only ten years ago that it was absorbed into Southwest. There have only been 11 models as follows (1 original Airtran and 10 post Valujet airTran):

1 737-200 - Aeroclassics
3 737-700s - Gemini Jets (2 with Winglets)
2 DC-9-32s - Gemini & SMA
5 717s - 4 Gemini and 1 Phoenix

Aside from the 737-200 (which has misprinted cockpit windows) all of these are on old moulds, so it isn't a great set of releases by 2024 standards.

Here are my three Critter related releases with all three of the airlines.

I would love to see a 717 in that scheme WITHOUT the temporary Elton John stickers. And the remaining sports team special schemes.