400 Scale Airbus 350 Mould Comparison

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The Airbus 350 is the flagship wide body for Airbus since 2021 and is a technological marvel! Considering the popularity of this plane many model companies offer a version of this plane. In this post I am going to compare the Gemini Jets, JC Wings (GJ and JC use the same mould), NG Models, and Aviation 400 samples of this mould in the Delta Air Lines livery.

Best A350 Mould

With the four options each is a good mould, but not all are equal. We are not considering the Phoenix-Models version as they never made a DL A350, and their mould is garbage anyway. The Aviation 400 version has a lot of awesome added details such as the jewel lights and other fine detail. It losses points from a boring box design, too dark a shade of blueish/purple in the Delta colors, and the forward section of the aircraft being a couple mm too short. The Gemini Jets version has two scores as the flaps down version gets three higher points from the really nice added flaps and slats extended detail, and since no one else has made a flaps down version makes it more valuable. Both versions lose points from incorrect cockpit window placement, wrong nose shape, and QC issues such as one tilting landing gear not working on each of my three GJ DL A359. The NG Models version wins this comparison getting a 94/100 on the Citrus Caliber Scale only losing some points from QC issues and the wings being too dark in shade. The Citrus Caliber ratings for all these models can be seen below. Let me know what you think of the A350s currently available in 400 scale.

Full comparison of these models can be seen here:
Ultimate Delta A350 Mould Comparison


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Nice assessment, Citrus! It's not every day you see models ranking that high, really cool to see for the four of those!
Nice work. I tend to agree that the NG A350 is ever so slightly better than the AV400 one, although I am a big fan of the AV400 effort and obviously it has some details the NG lacks. I actually own the Aviation400 version myself and I must say it is a really impressive effort:

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Thank you! Both NG and Av400 make really nice A350s to where the two models came within two points of each other. I will give the Aviation 400 version another try, and it might score higher.
Yeah have always thought av400 as one step below ng and a step above gj, used to think the same of panda but I think there not quite as good as av400 but av400 is mostly wide body aircraft while panda dose mostly narrow bodys so a hard comparison to make.
I'm grateful we have so many brands producing high quality models in 1/400 nowadays. Rankings from 87 to 94 for models from three different brands is remarkable.
Getting 87-94/100 are all good scores. I generally consider models that get anywhere from 80-89 to be there "Fleet Builders" being good models to build out ones fleet. Anything with a 90-94 is a great models. I haven't come up with a cool name for this category yet. Anything with a 95-99 is a "Flagship" model and one worth being the centerpiece of your collection! Scoring a 100/100 is the "Chosen One", and I have yet to find a model that scores 100. Hopefully I will find one soon and am actively looking for one. If anyone has suggestions on what model I should review to possibly get that score, please do let me know.
personally i like the av400 a350s more than ng a350s mainly cuz ng a350 qc is not so good
Yeah, NG Models has had some qc issues with their models. The A350s for them have been much better in the last year. The Av400 version has some oddities and slight things being off that makes me prefer the NG Models version. I do realize that I am in the minority with this opinion.