2023 NG models released

M Billy

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Hi everyone the January 2023 NG Modles are here and here is what we got 8FD2CC99-8BCC-4026-9CDC-0BD27A1421B4.pngAAC319BF-BAB8-4235-BF1D-3704D4F2766B.png112259C8-0D28-4BBF-86FB-A17F102DC15B.png85E9F248-18D6-4126-A1F0-E36A1E0BB3EC.pngA6847959-E77B-4D33-A8FF-410FFA600119.png@redriveraviation which one are you getting? I’m might get the Southwest Airlines Retro Livery 737 MAX8.
Nice! I’m getting the Scoot 787-9 and maybe the Air China A350, I will just have to see how the AC, GJ, JC and PH releases play out on my wallet.